Is rhinoplasty right for you?

09 July 2013

stk212518rkeA rhinoplasty is one of the most common invasive cosmetic surgeries – in the US, more than 250,000 people undergo the procedure every year. But how do you know if a nose job is the right thing for you? There are some questions you should ask yourself before heading to your local clinic.Are your expectations realistic?Do you know what benefits you might get from a nose job? Although they can do a lot of good, surgeons can only work with what they have got. The desired correction is often attainable, but they will not be able to give you a brand new nose or face.Is it for you?If you are trying to make someone else happy by getting a nose job, it rarely works. You could end up feeling manipulated and miserable.What are the risks?A rhinoplasty is a major invasive surgical procedure. Although the chances of something going wrong are rare, the risks are very real. Discuss the risks of rhinoplasty with your cosmetic surgeon, and as a team assess how these may impact your post-surgical outcome.