Is the Brazilian to blame for a surge in female genital surgery?

Is the Brazilian to blame for a surge in female genital surgery?

15 September 2015

The amount of women seeking Cosmetic Labiaplasties has more than tripled in the past decade. It’s a phenomenon that’s baffling Medical Experts, and so a new piece of research has been conducted by James Cook University in Australia to try and understand what’s prompted the dramatic increase.

The study asked 250 respondents for their opinion on female genital surgery. It found the vast majority of male participants would never suggest to a partner that she consider a Labiaplasty and only 14% were at all in favour of the Cosmetic Surgery.

The study did however find that 45% of men asked preferred their partner to have absolutely no pubic hair, a trend which researchers suspect is placing a disproportionate amount of focus on a woman’s labia.

While it is possible to alter the appearance of a woman’s labia, Surgeons recommend women think carefully about undergoing the procedure for purely cosmetic reasons given the risks associated with the operation.  Patients risk losing all sensation in the area, as well as the possibilities for complications with general anaesthetic.

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Image credit: RTimages/ Shutterstock