Is the way you look holding you back at work? 1 in 3 women think it might be!

Is the way you look holding you back at work? 1 in 3 women think it might be!

20 July 2015

Worried you’re having a bad hair day? You’re not alone - but while most of us might resort to scrapping our hair back into a pony-tail, or possibly wearing a hat - a recent survey has revealed that as many as 1 in 5 women would actually phone in sick because of an unruly mane.

The new study reveals just how much pressure women feel regarding their appearance.  A third of 2,000 women questioned said they felt their physical appearance could have a detrimental impact on their career.  While almost a fifth admitted they felt under constant pressure to look good in the work place.

667 women confessed they would call into work sick if they were having a ‘bad’ skin or hair day. Of this self-conscious group, almost 40% of women admitted this is a regular behaviour, an amount that grew to a huge 70% when asking women with specific skin conditions.

One medical professional commented, “It’s normal for everyone to feel down about their skin and appearance from time to time, but how we deal with a flare up or an image crisis can make all the difference.”

The study highlights the psychological impact cosmetic conditions can have. A skin condition shouldn’t affect your self-esteem, and if you’re struggling with a complaint The Harley Medical Group offer an effective range of Skin & Laser Treatments that can help give you your confidence back.

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Image credit: racorn/ Shutterstock