28 September 2011

200199315-001It turns out that there may be some truth in the idea that your sleeping habits impact the way your face ages. Following a comment from a patient that she had to have more dermal fillers on one side of her face the side that she tends to sleep on one of our non-surgical training managers gave a run down on why: Bernadette Harte, non-surgical training manager at The Harley Medical Group, said:Firstly the side that you sleep on regularly will have more fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the naso labial fold (nose to mouth line) on that side will be deeper - this is because the face is pressed against the pillow for an extended amount of time. The sleeping side may also appear slightly saggier and drier due to loss of elasticity - as you get older the skin loses collagen which reduces its ability to retain elasticity and moisture and this process can be encouraged if the skin is not allowed to breathe properly, something which would happen in a small degree if you sleep on one side of the face more than the other. In addition, patients that have too many pillows are likely to have a double chin and more creases on their necks, as they sleep with their heads at an angle which pushes their chin against their neck and encourages the skin to fold and sag. Other facial tells come from patients who suffer from acne often they will have had more spots on the side of the face that they sleep on, this is because as you sleep you are pressing on the sebaceous glad which increases bacteria to that area those who have suffered from acne in the past will have more scarring from spots on one side of their face and this would give away their sleeping side. Lastly if you work in an environment in which one side of your face is more exposed to the sun than the other then this side will likely appeared more aged. Interestingly you can often tell an office worker that has sat the same window in their office for many years and those who spend a lot of time driving, as they would have seen more sun on one side of their face. To avoid your sleeping side being noticeable through these tells, it would be best to sleep on your back with minimal pillows, however this would become much less noticeable, if at all, if the patient is having regular non-surgical treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. Of celebrities, Bernadette commented: Carol Vorderman - Right side - She appears to have more lines on this side. Nancy DellOlio - Right side This side appears to have a greater loss of collagen, as it is not as plump or elastic as the other. Alex Jones Its possible she sleeps on her back or with no pillow at all as both sides are quite even. Kate Winslet I would say she mainly sleeps on both sides but her naso labial fold is slightly deeper on the left side. Victoria Beckham She appears to sleep on both sides as neither shows more lines than the other, however this could be a result of Botox and filler treatments. Simon Cowell - Right side - He has more lines around the right eye. Gary Barlow - Left side - His naso labial line is deeper. Visit The Harley Medical Group Facebook Discussions page to tell us if youve noticed more wrinkles, spots or dryness on your sleeping side!