Is your haircut ageing you? Experts reveal the most flattering hair style for every age

22 June 2015

A great haircut can be transformational, but could it help you look younger for longer? Celebrity hairstylist George Northwood has revealed his secrets for creating the perfect complimentary hair-do, for women of every age.

  • 20s

Your 20s is the time to experiment with your hair according to Northwood, “grow it as long as you like, wear it undone, cut a fringe, try every dye, do what you want. You’ll never be able to be this crazy again!”

While there are no rules when it comes to your hair style in your 20s, a good hair care regime is a must to keep those locks healthy. Northwood recommends using ample strengthening products and always applying a heat protector before styling, to keep your hair in good condition for years to come.

  • 30s

A messy bob is Northwood’s cut of choice for women in their 30s. For the most youthful look, hair should be loose, dense and textured. Avoid a mumsy looking blow dry by rough drying, blast the hair until it’s 90% dry, work in a texturizing spray and then leave the hair to dry naturally.

Your 30s is also the time to invest in some professional hair care products, Northwood suggests, “invest in luxury, professional haircare that looks after your specific hair type and colour. What you took for granted in your 20s you want to nurture more in your 30s.”

  • 40s

For a feminine, younger looking style, Northwood recommends growing out hair to a mid-length style, just above the shoulder, in your 40s. A gringe (that’s a grown out fringe) will also hide any signs of ageing around the eyes.

The mid-length style is a versatile cut, so you can style it according to personal preference; tosseled waves, messy or straight all work for this style.

The colour of your hair becomes more important in your 40s; make sure the tonal balance of hair your compliments your skin tone.

  • 50s

Hair naturally thins in your 50s, so a good hair style is all about adding volume. Northwood comments, “now’s the time for a classic, solid bob a la Helen Mirren. Refined, elegant, classy.”

If your hair is naturally grey in your 50s, keep the cut choppy for a modern, more youthful look.

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