It turns out mathematics holds the answer to effective Skin Care

7 April 2015

Have you ever wondered why your Skin Care isn’t quite up to scratch? Well the answer could lie in mathematics. It turns out that many of the beauty products we use on a daily basis could actually be cancelling each other out, leaving you with the same old skin problems, as well as a dwindling bank balance.

According to one Cosmetic Dermatologist, “active ingredients need to be carefully combined – if too many are used together, they run the risk of causing an irritant reaction. The other thing that can happen is that they inactivate each other, rendering them useless.”


So which combinations should we be using to make our Skin Care count?

  • Retinol + Salicylic Acid = 0

Collagen boosting products (retinol) are great for Anti-Ageing but should only really be used in conjunction with broad-spectrum sunscreen, rather than alongside products containing salicylic acid.

  • Sunscreen + (retinoids ÷ vitamin C) = even skin tone

For an even skin tone, you should look to alternate retinoids (products containing vitamin A) with non-reactive Skin Care, such as vitamin C.

  • Sunscreen > moisturiser + SPF

For the most effective sun protection, always rely on sunscreen. It’s common nowadays for Skin Care products (especially moisturiser) to promise multiple benefits. However, these will not guarantee you adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Therefore, it’s advisable to apply both moisturiser and sunscreen for maximum protection.


So is there a formula we can all use to cover the basics? Absolutely! Keep in mind cleanser + moisturiser + sunscreen, then simply add in the rest depending on your individual needs.

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Image Credit Attribution: StockHype/iStock/Thinkstock