09 March 2010

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi may owe his election victory in part to his cosmetic surgery, as the image-conscious politician reportedly understands the importance of looking young in the public eye. Mr Berlusconi looks much younger than his 73 years, and famously underwent eyelid surgery to remove sagging around his eyes and restore a younger and more alert appearance.While UKMedix reports that many politicians from other countries were shocked to hear that a Prime Minister would be undergoing plastic surgery, website author Richard Simmons believes that this is a natural step in a world where success or failure can often depend on public perception. "Berlusconi understands the power of the image in todays media obsessed world and he knows that looking good is half the battle if he wants to hang on to power in Italy," wrote Mr Simmons. "Mr Berlusconi who owns a good chunk of television and radio in Italy knows that he looks younger than his real age and that his eyelid surgery is part of the reason why." With men increasingly choosing cosmetic surgery to boost their careers in other professions, it is natural that politicians would choose to do the same to keep their lead in the polls. As the social stigmas of cosmetic surgery are increasingly eroded and surgery becomes more widely accepted, more prominent politicians could find themselves turning to cosmetic procedures to hold back the years in the hope it will help them win votes.