27 December 2012

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davis has revealed she has undergone plastic surgery to try to retain her stunning athletic figure. Although the 50-year-old athlete exercises regularly, she admitted she has also had bit of help from a cosmetic surgeon.Speaking to Hello! magazine, Davis explained she has Botox every six weeks to iron out her frown lines, while fillers help to plump up the skin on the sides of her nose. She also revealed she underwent a breast augmentation procedure to help her regain the figure she had before she started breast feeding. I dont see thats any different from having your teeth crowned, your hair coloured or your nails done. It all helps me to feel better and more confident about the way I look, Davis stated. My boobs were only put back to how they were before Id breast-fed. It was never about trying to become Pamela Anderson. Davis won a silver medal at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, as well as two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton in 1978. Read the full story here: