08 August 2011

100159780Jenni Farley, also known as J-Woww, star of American reality television show Jersey Shore, has revealed her brand new, slimmed down look. The 24-year-old has lost weight, toned up and looks as though she may have had further cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks. The star has already undergone breast enlargement surgery and rumours are now circulating that she has had work done to her face.The new series of the hit MTV show screened last night, with opening scenes showing the cast arriving in Florence where most of the fourth series was filmed. Fans immediately set Twitter alight asking what had happened to J-Wowws appearance. Gone were the fine lines and wrinkles and her cheekbones were markedly prominent. Some people even commented that the tip of her nose was thinner, prompting others to speculate about nose reshaping surgery. Fans tweeted: Does anyone else think J-Woww looks really weird and skinny?, WTF happened to J-Woww's face? Kinda looks like Cryptkeeper, and Uh...exactly how much plastic surgery did J-Woww get since last season? J-Woww quickly retaliated, tweeting: Just remember u can't make everyone happy. Only person who matters is yourself. Let the haters hate. Hating is a form of jealousy. So smile :)