13 July 2009

Liposuction is commonly thought of as a procedure by which fat can be removed from the stomach, buttocks and thighs. However, it is a treatment that is also suitable for other areas of the body including the knees and jawline. Undergoing liposuction to remove a double chin from the jaw area has increased in popularity recently, as many dieters have found that despite exercise and healthy eating regimes they have struggled to eliminate this fatty deposit. Property consultant Jamela Ahmed, 30, is just one of the many women who has decided to undergo the surgery after finding her confidence negatively impacted by a double chin. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jamela explains that her double chin became the bane of her life. She said: "I was 20 when I became aware of it. They run in the family. My mother and grandmother have them, too. "Nobody else commented on it but, gradually, my double chin depleted my confidence and made me feel and look older." Mrs Ahmed, who lives with her husband and two children in London, made the decision to have smartlipo after reading about it in a magazine. Despite having already used botox and fillers to perk up her appearance, she admits that she was nervous about the procedure. However, the results were positive and Mrs Ahmed said that she is now more confident and is happy to wear jewellery and tops that draw attention to her neck area. She added: "Would I consider other surgery? Oh, yes!"