17 November 2011

Hollywood’s A-list celebrities have set a new style trend – perfectly buffed thighs. Last week, Jennifer Aniston, Yasmin Le Bon and Jennifer Lopez all appeared on the red carpet wearing evening dresses that featured a slash to the hip, revealing perfectly toned pins.Celebrities such as these are reported to employ nutritionists, personal trainers and others to help them to keep in shape, while others have treatments such as laser hair removal and laser treatments to ensure their legs are smooth and blemish-free. The identifies potential problems for those without such help as “saggy knees”, “cankles” – where there is little to no definition between the calf and the ankle, “cellulite” and “lack of tone”. All such issues have solutions – again identified by the as Fraxel repair – a laser treatment that tightens the skin, liposuction surgery to help define leg shape, and regular exercise to help with toning and cellulite.