Jennifer Aniston on Anti-Ageing and beauty

Jennifer Aniston on Anti-Ageing and beauty

25 November 2014

Jennifer Aniston is one of those celebrities who never seems to age – and it’s all thanks to her commitment to following an Anti-Ageing beauty regime.

The 45 year old opened up about her beauty secrets, advising people to make sure they get lots of sleep, manage their stress correctly and use sunscreen and moisturiser regularly to keep skin in tip top condition.

In addition to the above, Jennifer maintains a healthy low-carb diet and keeps fit with plenty of yoga and cardio exercise, training three times a week for 60 to 90 minutes.

She’s also a big fan of Dermaroller Therapy, saying: “Google it – it’s great. It’s like a little wheel that has little pins, like acupuncture needles in a way, and you roll it and it stimulates your collagen and it also allows for your products to seep into your skin.”

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