28 August 2014

Can you believe it�s already been 20 years since Jennifer Aniston appeared on our television screens as Rachel in Friends? Since then, the actress has gone on to star in many a successful film � without seeming to have aged a day. So what�s her secret? In addition to yoga and maintaining a healthy diet, Jennifer has revealed her love of Skin Peels, attributing the Non Surgical treatment to her baby soft skin. Skin Peels are an effective Anti-Ageing tool, helping to remove the damaged outer layers of a patient�s face and leaving behind fresh new skin cells. They also help to stimulate the production of collagen, making skin look brighter, smoother and getting rid of unwanted pigmentation. We hope our skin looks as good as Jennifer�s when we�re 45. Do you have any further Anti-Ageing tips and tricks? Let us know on Facebook.