Jennifer Aniston Shares her Skincare Secrets

2 August 2016

Jennifer Aniston Shares her Skincare Secrets

She was voted ‘the most beautiful woman alive’ by People magazine this year - and who could argue with them?! From her glowing complexion to her gorgeous hair, Jennifer Aniston is a true beauty inspiration.

But our favourite thing about the actress? Her refreshingly healthy approach to her appearance. Here are some of the skincare secrets Jennifer shared in a recent interview with In Style magazine.

  • Stimulate your facial muscles

To retain a tight, youthful complexion Jennifer swears by a microcurrent facial. “If you don’t workout, eventually everything drops.” The actress says, “[The microcurrent facial] is a little workout for your face.”

During the treatment electrically charged pads are placed onto the face to stimulate the facial muscles, revealing a tighter more toned complexion.

  • Texture > Wrinkles

“I love Laser Treatments” the actress explained “[they’re] a great refresher and there’s very little downtime… it won’t make you look like a peeled tomato.” A course of Laser Treatments can have huge benefits for the overall tone and texture of the skin. The PPx Laser uses the therapeutic quality of light to rejuvenate the skin and can help with common complaints such as acne and uneven pigmentation, as well as brightening and smoothing your complexion.

  • Always wear sunscreen

Jennifer admits to being a complete novice when it came to protecting her skin from UV damage when she was younger. “I would slather myself in baby oil and do everything in my power to get a burn. I was just completely uneducated.”

The former sun worshipper now opts for an SPF 50, “with all the steps we’ve taken to get our skin healthy, it really doesn’t make sense to tan.”

  • All things in moderation

The actress eats a very healthy diet packed with veggies and lean protein, but she doesn’t obsess about treating herself every now and then.  “I can’t say the no dairy thing lasted very long for me… trying to part me and cheese is a difficult task!”

Jennifer also allows herself occasional carby meals like pasta or Mexican food. “It’s not like I have celiac disease. For me, not eating gluten is more of a vanity thing. A diet heavy in carbs is not great in terms of weight.”


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