28 May 2014

Oh, to look and feel like a celebrity and thanks to Jennifer Garners six-point plan to beautiful summer skin, youre only a few steps away from being your Hollywood best! A recent interview with the Golden Globe winner reveals six easy tips in maintaining a glowing complexion, and keeping your cool in the summer heat:

1. Wake up and have a work out.

I like to work out early in the morning because I think it really does improve your skin if you just get moving first thing, Garner says. Who else fancies a sunrise workout?

2. Shower and wash your face.

If Im lucky and I want to feel beautiful, I get a shower in after my workout. That doesnt happen every day, but I believe in it. If it works for Garner, it will hopefully work for us!

3. Use sunscreen.

Immediately after, no negotiations, I have to apply my sunscreen. You need to have it everywhere, and you need to use it all the time. Ladies, make sunscreen the top priority of your shopping list!

4. Hide problem spots.

Next, I usually use a little bit of concealer, because I feel like if your skin looks even, then really nothing else [is needed]. We agree that going for a bare-faced natural look works wonders what do you say girls?

5. Apply a little bronze.

I also love a bronzer or blush, but I just dont get to it every day. They say less is more, so be liberal when it comes to bronzing.

6. ALWAYS moisturise!

Then at night, I wash, use eye cream, and moisturize, and thats it. We could get used to such a quick and easy skin care routine! What skin care secrets do you swear by? Share your tips on Twitter.