Jennifer Garner talks beauty and Skin Care

Jennifer Garner talks beauty and Skin Care

18 February 2015

Actress Jennifer Garner is as well known for her beauty as she is her acting – but growing up, the star revealed she never really paid much attention to looks. She said: “What my mom did that I valued so much was to not place beauty high on the list of priorities. It was a shock when I got to college to hear people say I was pretty.”

So what’s her secret? The 42 year old takes great care of her skin, following a healthy diet and undertaking regular yoga workouts. A fan of clean eating, Jennifer admits that she aims to eat well 80 per cent of the time, allowing the other 20 per cent for indulging.

When it comes to beauty and Skin Care, Jennifer likes to keep it simple: she’s a huge fan of inexpensive Skin Care, taking care to apply moisturising creams on a daily basis to keep her skin in tip top condition.

Her favourite products are designed to hydrate the skin, leaving her with the smooth, clear and dewy complexion she’s so renowned for.

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