Jennifer Garner’s tips for flawless skin at 42

Jennifer Garner’s tips for flawless skin at 42

11 November 2014

She may be 42 but 13 Going On 30 actress Jennifer Garner has never looked so flawless. The mother-of-three took her children out for dinner in California this weekend where she showed off her radiant, blemish-free complexion – makeup-free.

Jennifer credits her lack of sunbathing as a teen for her clear, youthful looking skin. She said: “I think I got really lucky that in my teen years, when all my friends were laying out and burning to a crisp, I was inside in a theatre in West Virginia.

“So all summer I was so busy, I wasn’t crisping my whole body during those crucial teenage years. And honestly, I think it saved me.”

She’s also not overly bothered about wearing makeup, preferring the less is more approach for day-to-day.

The actress described her usual beauty routine as: “Wash face, sunscreen, under eye cream, lip stuff, a little bit of concealer. Go.”

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