Jeremy Kyle admits to having Botox

Jeremy Kyle admits to having Botox

6 January 2015

TV personality Jeremy Kyle has admitted to having Botox to keep him looking young on-screen. Kyle commented: “That may be vain or silly but I would never lie about it.”

He allowed cameras to film his treatment for one of the episodes in his newest TV series, the Kyle Files, giving viewers an insight into the popular Anti-Ageing treatment.

When asked if he had any regrets, Kyle confirmed: “I gave it a lot of thought and I don’t regret it at all. I see pictures of myself BB – before botox – and I see the ones after and I am happy.

“I am on television 1,500 times a year and it is a very small way, and a safe way, of looking a little better than I used to.”

Kyle is just one in a long line of men queuing up for Botox treatment to banish their unwanted lines and wrinkles.

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