Jessica Alba reveals her beauty secrets – and they’re surprisingly simple. Hallelujah!

Jessica Alba reveals her beauty secrets – and they’re surprisingly simple. Hallelujah!

11 June 2015

For many women in the public eye, maintaining their flawless appearance means spending hours (and a lot of money) beautifying every day. But this is not the case for Hollywood starlet and successful entrepreneur Jessica Alba, whose beauty regime, she has revealed, is refreshingly simple.

Renowned for her natural glow, beautiful skin and silky hair the leading lady talks about her beauty regime:

  • Hydration

The health benefits of drinking plenty of water throughout the day are well documented. Being well hydrated will help keep you alert not to mention improving the appearance of your skin. “I think [the secret is] hydration and taking care of yourself and making sure you’re internally balanced, because that shows on the outside – especially the dehydration,” Jessica revealed.

  • Exercise

Though Jessica has previously confessed she doesn’t enjoy working out, she does stick to a fitness regime and attributes keeping active to her healthy look.  “Getting moving. So sort of blood circulation, movement and exercise helps.”

  • Moisturiser

Unlike some of her peers, Jessica doesn’t go for fad or extravagant beauty treatments favouring a few tried and trusted products instead. The Honest Company owner cleanses and moisturises her skin morning and evening as well as using an eye cream.

And of course, one of the perks of creating your own beauty and cosmetics empire – getting to try out all the new products! “I like the collagen eye mask. It’s like the same thing that goes on the lip but it goes right under the eye. I felt like it smoothed everything out.”


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