01 October 2009

Jessica Simpson is travelling the world for a new reality show that examines the meaning of beauty in different cultures.A statement from the VH1 network states that The Price of Beauty will see Jessica exploring "how beauty is perceived in different cultures and participating in some of the crazy things people do to feel beautiful." The 29-year-old singing star has much experience of her own beauty being scrutinised by the media, and has always been frank in her view of cosmetic surgery procedures offering a way for women to achieve their ideal appearance. The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that Jessica's appearance became the focus of media attention in January when she was photographed at an event in Florida wearing ill-fitting jeans. But the star got her own back in June with a stunning Vanity Fair cover that proclaimed: "You call THIS fat? Jessica Simpson Pulls off the Mom Jeans and Fights Back!" In a press release for the new show, Jessica stated: "I have always believed that beauty comes from within. "And confidence will always make a woman beautiful, but I know how much pressure some women put on themselves to look perfect." This doesn't mean that the singer is averse to cosmetic surgery treatments allowing women to achieve their full potential. Although she has said she wouldn't have Botox due to her age, Jessica has been open about her use of Restylane lip injections during her divorce from Nick Lachey, and has confirmed that she would consider surgery such as breast augmentation in the future if it was necessary. Jessica told Harper's Bizarre: “Maybe after having kids, if my boobs dropped down to my belly button, I would get them lifted. Maintenance. But you know, my boobs are real."