12 February 2009

Cosmetic surgery maven and author Joan Rivers has come out talking about her new book. Rivers has recently released her new self-help book entitled Men Are Stupid... And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman's Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery.In interviews promoting the books, Rivers said that her cosmetic surgery book is about helping women who choose to go under the knife. In her book, Rivers admits to having had a face lift, nose job, tummy tuck and breast reduction. And according to USA Today, she's happy with the results, saying: "I think I look like a very nice-looking older woman. I don't look 26, and I don't look 46." Rivers often works with daughter Melissa, and says her daughter hasn't chosen to have much plastic surgery, save for a nose job when she was a teenager. But Rivers adds: "But she'll hit a certain age and change." She also goes on to point out that "101% of the people who walk the red carpets of Hollywood have had work done." Rivers became famous interviewing celebrities on the red carpet during events like the Academy Awards, Grammy's and Golden Globes. She's known to have penned the phrase 'Who are you wearing?' Rivers' second book, entitled Murder at the Academy Awards, was also released this winter and the comedienne is currently on tour to promote her books and perform stand-up acts. Rivers adds that Men Are Stupid... And They Like Big Boobs isn't a book telling women they absolutely have to have cosmetic surgery. She told the Seattle Times: "It's me telling you everything I can, in my power, to help if you want to have something done. I spoke to 25 plastic surgeons about what they do, the latest practices."