23 September 2013

Red carpet visualSecretary of State and former presidential candidate John Kerry has been forced to deny he has had a cosmetic procedure, following rumours in the US. Kerrys face is showing no sign of the laugh lines, crows feet or deep forehead creases evident in his 2004 Senate portrait. An official statement from the 69-year-olds spokesperson, Glen Johnson, read: No. End of story. Thats not a denial, thats a fact.Jeffrey Spiegel, a cosmetic surgeon contacted by US celebrity site Inside Track, is adamant Kerrys office is fibbing. He had a ton of fat grafting into his lower face, said Dr Spiegel, chief of the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Boston University Medical Centre. If you look at his face before, he was very gaunt. The side of his cheeks were sunken in and hollow. Hes been a little over-injected, I would say. It gives him an expressionless lower part of his face, and nothing was done on top. To say he looks Frankenstein-ian is not inaccurate. Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz, has been a little more blunt about her beauty regime. She admits to using line and wrinkle injectables and says when she needs plastic surgery, she will "get it. But Kerry has been hounded by cosmetic surgery rumours in the past. In the 70s he had an operation known as a chin bob, which shortened his long lantern jaw. At the time, the official line went that the operation was necessary following a hockey injury. Dr Adam Scheiner, a Tampa plastic surgeon, agrees with Dr Spiegel. He told Inside Track: If you look at his before pictures, you can see that, as with most of us when we age, hes had a lot of facial fat loss. In the updated photo he has massive amounts of fullness in his mid to lower face. Hes had some kind of volume added there. Some people have liposuction in other areas and have the fat put in their face, thats one possibility.