09 January 2009

Often claimed to be one of the world's most beautiful actresses, more evidence has appeared to support opinions that Angelina Jolie presents a desirable figure. According to the New York Post, Jolie's lips are the most popular facial feature requested when people are seeking cosmetic surgery.Jolie's lips are joined by Jessica Simpson's cleavage and Ashlee Simpson's reconstructed nose as the most requested celebrity body parts according to American plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Freedman. Dr. Freedman also indicated that he had seen a large volume of clients choosing surgery procedures such as breast enlargements despite the current financial crisis. Earlier this week, news was released that suggested that many cosmetic surgery patients in the UK used stars as inspiration when planning the results they were hoping to see following surgery. This was supported by information from the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons, who found that popular cosmetic surgery trends influenced by celebrities in recent times were rhinoplasty, breast enlargement and liposuction. Recent research from The Harley Medical Group has also revealed that more woman than ever before are choosing to undergo breast augmentations in the UK. It was also revealed that liposuction is on the rise. Jolie herself has also been the centre of much speculation when it comes to cosmetic surgery with rumours that she's had wrinkle-relaxing injections or a post-pregnancy tummy tuck running rife. However, Jolie has never admitted to having any work done.