02 October 2009

It seems like it doesn't matter what gossip pages I'm looking at, new stories about Jordan (or Katie Price as she now likes to be known) are always popping up. I was really upset for her, Pete and the kids when they split up, but recently I'm finding it harder to feel sympathetic.It must be really difficult living your whole life pretty much in the public eye and I guess I probably won't ever know what things she's definitely said and what things papers have made up about her - but if even just half the things she's meant to have said and done are true, I just can't understand why she can't be a little bit more careful of people's feelings. For example, sources are saying that she's said that new boyfriend Alex Reid needs cosmetic surgery and that his feelings are hurt as a result of this. Seeing as he's a cage fighter, I wouldn't be surprised if a little reconstructive surgery could smooth his appearance but, as always, that should be his choice and not anyone else's. Whether he decides to go for nose reshaping or to have his ears fixed or not, he'll still be a good looking man. She's also meant to have been calling him a loser because he doesn't have a day job. I'm sure he's the kind of guy who can look after himself in a fight, but it's never nice if your partner teases you a little too convincingly. Maybe Jordan's less than thoughtful comments are the things that need a makeover here?