19 April 2010

Reality TV star Alex Reid has revealed that he had a nose job after suffering injuries in his cage-fighting career. The 34-year-old said he had the treatments to help him breathe through his nose, and also said he is considering further cosmetic surgery to enhance his looks after receiving criticism in the press, including ear reshaping and scar removal treatments to repair some of the damage he has sustained through fighting.Alex said: "I might have [my ears] done. And Botox is good for scarring. Quite a lot of fighters have Botox for the scarring." Responding to claims in the media that he is 'vain' to consider plastic surgery, Alex admitted: "Yes, I'm very vain. I want to look good. "I don't want to be called 'Mr Potato Head'. Or 'Craggy Builder'. Or 'Monkey Boy'. Which is what I am called in the press." It was previously reported that Alex, who married Katie Price aka Jordan earlier this year, was being pressured into having cosmetic surgery by his bride-to-be, as Katie wanted him to look good for a Hollywood action film career. However, Alex said that his acting plans are currently on hold while he concentrates on cage-fighting. "Fighting was paying more bills than acting, So, I didn't turn my back on acting, I just put it to one side," Alex explained. "I thought, 'Concentrate on the fighting.' Which is a bit like acting, anyway. It's a performance. It's a competition."