09 December 2013

Woman applying face creamAn article in an English newspaper which discusses the merits of using fish oil to help remove facial wrinkles has concluded that it can help – but warns against the inevitable side-effect of leaving the patient with smelly skin. A Daily Mail journalist who was challenged to test the effectiveness of rubbing cod liver oil into her face, instead of her usual day moisturiser and night cream, said it clearly reduced some signs of wrinkles below her lower eyelids. To monitor the effects of the capsules, Clare Goldwin’s face was scanned before and afterwards using a Visia machine, which is used to measure redness, sun damage, wrinkles and pore size.Dubbed the “world’s best-kept beauty secret”, the rich content of vitamins A and D in cod liver oil capsules is known for keeping skin hydrated and giving a more youthful appearance. Clare's consultations with a London-based skin expert led her to conclude that the Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as both vitamins A and D, found in the cod liver oil capsules had helped improve her skin's defences – even though similar results can be achieved over time simply by taking the capsules orally, applying vitamin enriched products or by undergoing popular Line and Wrinkle Treatments. The test was clearly designed to show an extreme example of how application of these compounds does provide real benefits to the appearance of ageing skin.