Just how effective are neck creams?

Just how effective are neck creams?

17 April 2015

We’re constantly being told to extend our facial care to our necks to prevent the onset of early ageing. Until recently, many of us simply used our face cream to do the job but the release of neck specific creams has caused some kind of confusion. Have we been neglecting our necks that much? Or is it all just an excuse to make us invest more money in our Skin Care regimes?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported a six per cent increase in the number of people undergoing Neck Lift surgery, with patients becoming worried about developing a double chin.          For those who prefer a less invasive solution, there’s now products specifically formulated to take care of your neck.

Experts argue that the skin on your neck is thinner than on your face, thus more easily prone to ageing, and that these creams have been designed with that in mind.

New York City-based Dermatologist Patricia Wexler said: “The neck creams we use may be [similar to] facial creams, but with a lighter formulation for that delicate area. They are specifically for brightening, tightening and reversing sun damage.”

When it comes to ageing, the neck is often one of the first areas to go, so using a specially formulated product can help to lift and firm the skin, making it look tauter.

You should always apply moisturiser suing the back of your hand and in an upward motion to prevent pulling on your skin too much. Don’t forget to also apply sunscreen to your neck on a daily basis to protect against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

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Image Credit Attribution: Kharichkina/ iStock/ Thinkstock