24 November 2009

Kate Hudson has revealed that she would consider a cosmetic surgery in the future to get 'perfect' boobs. The Daily Mail reports that the 30-year-old actress, star of films like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, caused a stir at the American Music Awards this week, when her loose-fitting vintage silver Versace mini-dress slipped and almost exposed her to the audience.Kate is regularly seen wearing low-cut and revealing dresses, indicating that she is comfortable with the size of her chest. But in an interview with People magazine, the mother-of-one revealed that she would consider a boob job after she has had more children. Kate explained: "Probably after I have all my babies, I'll be wondering. It will definitely be something I'll go think about like every woman after they have babies." Discussing the digital breast enhancement she received on film posters for last year's Fool's Gold, Kate said: "They are so not my boobs - they look too perfect. Seriously, if I ever wanted to have them done, I'd take this poster to the doctor and say, 'This is what I want them to look like.' "You can't help what your genes are. My mom [Goldie Hawn] was way skinnier than I am. With the Hudson gene [her dad, Bill Hudson], I got a little more girth on me, but we're a skinny family." Kate introduced the Black Eyes Peas at the American Music Awards event on Sunday, alongside co-star and fellow plastic surgery fan Nicole Kidman.