Kate Moss talks beauty tips and tricks

13 May 2016

Kate Moss talks beauty tips and tricks

It will come as no surprise that supermodel Kate Moss has a whole host of beauty tips up her sleeve – after all, you don’t become as famous as her without picking up the best tricks along the way. In a recent interview, the supermodel shared her best tips – with some surprising sources.

A fan of juice cleanses, Kate revealed she does them for a week at a time, a minimum of three times a year – and claims they give her tons more energy. She said: “I feel amazing. And then I have so much energy! […] Oh my god, I have so much energy I start bouncing off walls.”

She may not have received any beauty advice from her mum, but the star confessed British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury warned her early on in her career about the dangers of going out in the sun. Kate may have paid no attention at first, but has since decided to refrain from sunbathing.

“Before it was like, ‘Let’s just get as brown as we can!’ Now, well, I’d look ridiculous anyway”, she said.

Taking sun protection seriously, Kate admitted to wearing SPF 50 on her face when she does go out in the sun – and with minimal lines and wrinkles, it’s clearly stood her in good stead as far as maintaining her youthful appearance goes.

So what’s the best piece of skincare advice she’s been given? During a Saint Laurent shoot, a makeup artist was quick to advise Kate not to pull her skin as she removed makeup – a tip she remembers to this day.

The star has also famously shared that she dunks her face in ice cold water in the morning, a tip she picked up from watching ‘Mommie Dearest!’ She added: “Those old school tricks work! With slices of cucumber and you just put your face in it and you definitely wake up.”

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Image credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock.com