26 August 2008

Channel 4's recent strand of female-led documentaries, The G-Spot, has focussed on issues that affect how women live. Previous episodes have included the use of fur for clothes and vaginal cosmetic surgery - and we've been unable to switch them off!

The most recent film, Super Botox Me, showed the journey of lifestyle journalist Kate Spicer as she explored different ways to improve her appearance. At 39 years old, Kate was definitely showing signs of aging - she must've jumped at the chance to try out cosmetic surgery for free! The programme followed Kate as she researched the latest cosmetic procedures, from facemasks made from nightingale poo to laser technology.

Though she started off the programme sceptical about the plastic surgery industry - something we face here all the time - Kate ended up in New York and Los Angeles undergoing Botox and Fraxel laser treatment to smooth out wrinkles and diminish the heavy bags under her eyes.

And it worked! Once healing was complete post-treatment, the difference was incredible! Kate looked amazing. She appeared younger, sexier and far more confident about her looks. She was in no doubt that she looked much better and even said that she'd probably get more treatments in the future. Once people realise that plastic surgery is a lot less scary than it seems and how effective it can be, it's often the case that they come back for more!

I thought the programme was an insightful look into what some of today's women experience in the battle against aging. Kate tried many different treatments but there's no arguing that the Botox and laser surgery gave the best results - I'm sure anybody else who was watching thinks the same! I respect Kate so much for trying out the surgery - especially given how much happier she is with her appearance.