Kate Winslet admits struggling with Adult Acne in the past

Kate Winslet admits struggling with Adult Acne in the past

3 October 2014

As the quintessential English rose, Kate Winslet has a flawless complexion many of us could only dream about – right? Wrong! The Titanic star talks about her issues with Adult Acne and the pressure faced working in the entertainment industry.

“I had a terrible bout of acne after I turned 30,” explained the actress. “I kept reading about my dewy complexion and thinking…‘look at me, I’m covered in spots, proper cystic bumps’, if only they knew…”

Additionally, she also voices her concerns about the need to stay slim – a recurring Tinseltown topic Winslet strongly opposes.  

“Whenever I go to LA the make-up artist or hairdresser will end up having a conversation about how fat they think they are and I really just can’t take it seriously at all,” she explained.

“I’m just like, ‘Yeah, you’re right, you look gigantic’…and they’re the size of a blinking pin. I’m no stranger to the occasional dodgy juice, but it doesn’t taste very nice and it is boring. It’s not a way to live,” she adds.

As someone who regularly features in many a list of the world’s most beautiful women, it just goes to show that Adult Acne can affect anyone – even Hollywood stars! How do you combat Adult Acne? Tell us your remedies on Facebook today.



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