Katie Holmes discusses the importance of Skin Care

16 October 2014

As an actress associated with what is deemed to be one of the most renowned teenage TV dramas of all time, how Katie Holmes has managed to maintain her youthful complexion from then until now is a mystery – which is why we’re honoured to find out her Skin Care secrets!

As the lovable Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek, she was the 90s definition of a natural beauty – and has still retained her flawless looks to this day. But how exactly does the 35-year-old still look as fresh as her teenage years? By keeping it in the family – reflecting on her grandmother’s religious moisturising routine.

“She was very beautiful and had very beautiful skin,” Holmes explained. “It felt like it was so grown up and glamorous, and I couldn’t wait to be grown up and glamorous so I could use it.”

While following a strict Skin Care regime is imperative, she believes that beauty comes from within.

“I look at women today and they’re taking on so much in a great way and really making a difference in the world. But they’re juggling a lot. You have to take time to be grateful for the things in your life, to celebrate the people in your life that you really love. And drink a lot of water!” she said.

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JStone / Shutterstock.com