15 February 2010

Jordan, aka Katie Price, is currently encouraging her new husband Alex Reid to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the appearance of his nose and ears.The couple married in Las Vegas earlier this month, and are planning to have a second wedding in the summer. However, a friend of Alex's told the News of the World that the cage-fighting star is being encouraged to have plastic surgery prior to the big day. The source revealed that Katie wants Alex to have a nose job, explaining: "Alexs nose has been broken about 20 times because of the fighting. But she doesnt like it that way. The glamour model is also reported to have said she'd like him to have work on his ears. The source explained: "Theyve been bitten many times and she says they should be pinned back or, ideally, reconstructed. "She also wants him to have Botox with her when theyre in LA next." Katie wants her husband to look his best in their wedding photos, and is also worried that his damaged facial features could harm his chances of a film career. The source said: "Katies been saying she wants him to look perfect in the wedding pictures and that he wont make it as an action movie star in Hollywood without having the work done." Mother-of-three Jordan is no stranger to cosmetic surgery herself, recently authoring a book in which she openly discussed her own experience of surgical procedures, including five boob jobs, a nose job, Botox and fillers.