Katie Price has Botox at her hen party

06 April 2011

Reality television star and all-round media magnet Katie Price, also known as Jordan, has revealed that she had Botox injections and lip fillers at her hen party. The 32-year-old glamour model told OK! magazine that she wouldn’t have fillers in her lips again but that she didn’t regret it either. “I’ll never have my lips done again! I know I’ve said that before but I won’t do them again”, she said. “They’re not that bad and I just don’t need it but you know what it’s like when you’re there with your friends and they’re all having it done. It’s like, ‘Go on then. I’ll have a little shot of it as well.’ It doesn’t last forever.” “At my hen do we all had Botox and fillers but they’re not permanent. I’ll try these things – as long as they’re not permanent I don’t care”, she added. Price went on to tell the gossip magazine she thought that by the time her two children, Junior, seven and Princess Tiaamii, three, had grown up, injections for lines and wrinkles will have been replaced by something else.