12 November 2013

Katie PriceKatie Price has spoken out on Australian television about the benefits she gets from having Line and Wrinkle Treatments. In an interview on a breakfast TV show, she said the procedures helped her counteract the effects of a busy life. "When youve got four kids and a stressful life like mine, it helps prevent [wrinkles]," she told the hosts of the Channel 7 show, David Koch and Samantha Armytage.Price seemed to be proving her point by going in front of the cameras soon after getting off a plane which touched down in Sydney at 6am. During the interview, she was candid about her reasons for choosing to undergo line and wrinkle-reducing treatments. "Theres no cream that gets rid of wrinkles," she said. Ms Price continued, though, that she thrived on having stress in her life, and said: "My middle name should be drama, but I love it. "I think everyone should have some kind of stress in their life, otherwise it's boring."