26 August 2008

Ex-Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona will still participate in a scheduled cosmetic surgery makeover show, despite recently being declared bankrupt by the High Court in London.

The show, entitled Whole Again after an Atomic Kitten hit single, is the follow up to Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love, a reality television programme recently screened on MTV.

The new reality TV show will see Katona undergo a breast reduction, in which her GG cup size will decrease to a DD.

According to the Metro, Katona said: "After four kids, I need it. I'm a GG at the moment, and when I take my bra off my nipples are by my feet. I want to be a DD instead."

Reportedly, Katona is also considering more cosmetic surgery, including a tummy tuck, liposuction and laser surgery on her stretch marks.

Last week, Katona's failure to pay a 82, 000 tax bill led to the High Court ruling her bankrupt. However, she has since found the money to pay her outstanding bill and has been told that the ruling will be overturned.

She told Star magazine, "Obviously I'm upset about it but it shouldn't have happened. I've been promised that it will be sorted out this week."

In addition to her financial troubles, Katona recently made headlines when she criticised Katie Price's lavish spending, saying that the glamour model had "more money than sense".

Price, better known as Jordan, has just returned from Los Angeles after undergoing her fifth breast operation to reduce her trademark large chest to a 32G.