15 January 2010

With the news that Katy Perry is engaged to funnyman Russell Brand, rumours have also been circulating about the singer's cosmetic surgery.There has long been speculation that Katy's ample assets may indicate she underwent a boob job in her past. However, plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden believes that the singer's bust is likely to be natural. "I have looked at several photos and YouTube videos and it seems to me that Kate has probably not had breast augmentation," Dr Walden told the Plastic Surgery Channel. "I believe her breasts are large, and one of the things I see in the photos is a natural appearance in the upper part, or cleavage area, of the breasts even when wearing a bustier. They have a tendency towards ptosis, or a natural sag that occurs over time in women with breasts that are C-cup or larger." However, Katy's nose may be a different story - with Dr Walden believing that the star may have had a nose job at some point. "In more recent photos the bridge of her nose appears somewhat thinner with a lifted, more refined tip," Dr Walden said. "This is hard to confirm, though, given limited photos on the web of her from years ago, or in youth. A different appearing nose also could just be the angle of the camera and/or stage makeup that varies according to the photos." While Katy has yet to decide on a wedding date, it remains to be seen whether Katy will choose plastic surgery to help her look her best on the big day.