18 August 2011

Frau vor einer SchönheitsoperationSky television presenter Kay Burley is rumoured to have had her second face lift just days after celebrating her 50th birthday. Burley had her first face lift 10 years ago and experts have been speculating that this second operation was smaller and was intended to be subtle.Surgeon Alex Karidis said: “It looks like she’s had some tightening along the jaw line to redefine it and make it look less slack. “There was a slight jowl before, but that’s softened and much more clean. Also, the nose to mouth lines are not as evident now. But Karidis admits that the latter could simply be due to dermal fillers or Botox, which is used to replace the natural collagen lost as we get older. “But the before and after pictures are not going to be that dramatically different, because she obviously wouldn’t want to draw attention,” added Karidis. Last year, Burley admitted to undergoing surgery to remove eye bags, which she joked were “bigger bags than Louis Vuitton” and that “they had to go”. When asked at the time if she would consider having more surgery, she replied: “Never say never.”