23 February 2009

Time and time again I open a magazine and find horror stories from unfortunate souls who've decided to have cosmetic surgery abroad and found themselves riddled with complications. And while I would never condone undergoing any procedure like this in another country, I suppose I can see why people might think it was a good idea.The adverts for clinics overseas always seem to make a big deal of sunny shores and sandy beaches, but while that might sound tempting, it's not exactly a guarantee of good service when you're planning a breast enlargement or liposuction. While it's understandable you want to relax after having a treatment I can't help thinking you'd be able to chill out better at home. And the opportunity to lounge on a deckchair doesn't seem anywhere near as important to me as knowing that the surgeon you're seeing is properly qualified and able to give you all of the aftercare you need - something you might not always find if you choose surgery overseas - and I'm sure most people agree with me. There have even been warnings recently as people try to save money by booking cut-price surgeries abroad because of the credit crunch only to have it backfire. Really, as with all things, it seems like the best way to save money is to spend it wisely. Quality always stands out above cheap bargains, no matter how good a deal they might seem.