Kelly Brook reveals she’s more confident than ever now she’s in her 30s

Kelly Brook reveals she’s more confident than ever now she’s in her 30s

12 October 2015

Looking at Kelly Brook, you’d never think she was ever anything less than the happy, confident star we see her as today. But life wasn’t always so rosy for the 35-year-old.

In a recent interview, Kelly revealed that she enjoys getting older. “I travel more, I am happier, more confident and way more resilient when things don’t work out. I bounce back quicker”, she said.

Kelly added: “In my 20s, I was desperate to work and prove myself. Now I can relax and not care so much what people think. I was made to feel guilty in my 20s because of things not working out well. I now realise it’s all been for the best.”

So what tips can the star offer to help us ladies look and feel like the best versions of ourselves?

Kelly revealed she has a dedicated Skin Care regime, and slathers on face cream daily. She’s also a fan of using gel peels to help moisturise and plump her skin.

As for make-up, she keeps things minimal, opting for a flawless base with foundation and bronzing powder and finishing the look by filling in her brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil and applying a touch of eye shadow.

She commented: “I think full eyebrows make you look younger and I spend time contouring my make-up.”

When asked if she’d ever consider Cosmetic Surgery, Kelly said that while she’s not thinking about it just yet, it may be something she’ll undertake in the future. “I’m 35 and like how I look, but who knows how I’ll feel in the future? Maybe when I get older I may consider it”, she added.

And it’s not just make-up and a great Skin Care regime that leaves Kelly looking fabulous – she’s also a big fan of exercise, loving nothing more than going on lots of hikes, riding her bike and doing plenty of swimming.

We think Kelly looks great, but what’s your opinion? Do you think confidence grows with age? Share your views on Twitter.



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