Kelly Rowland discusses the reasons for revealing her breast augmentation

26 June 2013

Red carpet visualFormer Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland has opened up about her breast augmentation procedure on US television. The 32-year-old singer visited the Wendy Williams show to discuss, among other things, her career, love life, body and celebrity crush on X Factor judge Simon Cowell. When asked if she had ever had any work done on her breasts, she said she had.“The only reason why I'm honest about that is because I think so many women enquire about it and I think that so many people are jumping to surgery nowadays and I think it's important that you take the time, understand what you're getting yourself into, be healthy, you know, get everything done properly, so you're not blind-sided,” she said. Rowland admitted that she is very happy with the results of her surgery, adding: “I enjoy being braless a lot more.” The interview was also the first time she has admitted to her celebrity crush on Simon Cowell. Despite being embarrassed by her confession, Rowland said: “He walks in the room and he keeps doing this like wink thing at you and you're like ‘boy, don't you do that’.”