22 October 2008

Reality TV star Kerry Katona has revealed her 15,000 post-cosmetic surgery body in an exclusive photo shoot with Zoo magazine.

The 28-year old celebrity recently underwent a breast reduction and liposuction to give her body new definition and shape.

The operation was filmed as part of Kerry's MTV television show, Whole Again, but Zoo magazine is the first to print images of the star's new body.

Kerry seems very pleased with the results too. According to The Sun, she told the men's weekly publication: "I cried at first because I was so shocked. I love it. My waist has got smaller, my boobs have been healing. Now I can wear size 10 tops..."

She added: "I feel sexier, my confidence has come back and everyone keeps telling me how amazing I look, which is really cool."

In her interview with Zoo, Kerry also talked about her frosty relationship with glamour model Katie Price, better known as Jordan. Katie also underwent a breast reduction earlier this year.

Both celebrities have previously undergone breast enlargements in order to boost their assets. Kerry's recent procedure is said to have combined the removal of her prior implants with a breast lift.

What's more, Kerry has not ruled out the possibility of further surgery either. Showbiz news site Digital Spy states that she said: "I'd love liposuction on my legs - I'm addicted now!

"I feel sexier than ever. I dont mind walking around in my underwear and I can even wear bikinis."