28 October 2008

TV celebrity Kerry Katona's latest cosmetic surgery procedures were screened on MTV last night, in a reality show about her life.

The one-off special programme, named Kerry Katona: Whole Again, follows up the television network's previous series, Kerry Katona - Crazy in Love, which was a popular hit in early 2008.

It had been widely spoken of in the press, as the star's recent breast reduction and liposuction operations were filmed by its crew at the end of August.

The procedures - which cost the recently bankrupt star nearly 15,000 - saw Kerry's cup size reduce from a GG to a DD.

Before the surgery, she remarked: "After four kids, I need it. I'm a GG at the moment, and when I take my bra off my nipples are at my feet."

After undergoing the procedures, which were reportedly completed without complications, she declared a renewed zeal for cosmetic surgery. She said: "I feel sexier, my confidence has come back and everyone keeps telling me how amazing I look, which is really cool...

"I feel sexier than ever. I don't mind walking around in my underwear and I can even wear bikinis."

What's more, she talked about the possibility of further surgeries, saying: "I'd love liposuction on my legs - I'm addicted now."

Earlier this month, Kerry - who underwent a breast enlargement a number of years ago - showcased her new, post-surgery body by posing for Zoo magazine. The photo shoot was also filmed and screened by MTV in last night's programme.