24 May 2010

Sex and the City's sex kitten Samantha is a fan of making sure you look good and feel great with the help of products such as Botox, and Kim Cattrall has revealed that she feels the same way. Famous for her one-liners, the character Samantha is typically sassy when it comes to cosmetic treatments, delivering cutting remarks such as: "I really don't believe in marriage... now Botox on the other hand, that works every time!" In an interview with the Mirror, the star of the silver screen explained that she absolutely stood with Samantha when it came to Botox. Kim also said she believed it was possible for people to get carried away, and that she thought it worked best in moderation.Non surgical solutions such as Botox are popular among those who wish to halt the signs of ageing with the help of a non invasive procedure. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, it works best in moderation. Kim added: "I mean, I think theres people who go overboard and theres people who dabble and dabbling I find best." Kim Cattrall is currently promoting SATC2, the second feature length film in the ever-popular Sex and the City franchise. Speaking of the series, Kim voiced her belief that the phenomenon has been beneficial for women in the film industry. "Anything that brings women together is terrific because I think Hollywood especially has a lot invested in pitting them against each other, but thats because theyre so powerful," she said.