Kim Cattrall relies on Botox

22 March 2011

Samantha from American television series Sex in the City, actress Kim Cattrall, has appeared in a television advertisement looking remarkably youthful. The 54-year-old has never denied her reliance on Botox injections to keep lines and wrinkles at bay, but she denies rumours that she has gone a step further and had cosmetic surgery to reverse the ageing process. The stance on her anti-ageing regime hasn’t changed since an interview with the Sunday Times three years ago. Then, she told the newspaper that she was “too terrified to get any proper work” and instead relies on Botox to smooth the “big crease” between her eyebrows. When comparing images taken from the television advert with those taken of the actress in November last year, the absence of smile lines and crow’s feet in the former is noticeable – but could this simply be down to clever make-up and soft lighting?