20 June 2011

Kim Kardashian has revealed that since being turned down for a nose job, she has had to find poses that make her nose look ‘less Armenian’. The socialite and reality television star, who is half American and half Armenian, told reporters that she wanted cosmetic surgery on her nose but her surgeon refused on the grounds that it wasn’t necessary. “I went to a plastic surgeon to see if I could get my Armenian nose corrected and he said he wouldn't do it as I didn't need it,” she said. “But in some photographs it looks a little too Armenian, so you'll notice that I always keep my face tilted down to stop the shadows.” The 30-year-old has admitted to having laser hair removal on her forehead to minimise the visibility of dark ‘baby hair’ which she said was too short to slick back, and has also tried Botox and dermal fillers. Her sister and mother have both revealed that they have had breast implants.