24 February 2014

100600349The most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians which aired in the US, showed Kim visiting a Cosmetic Surgeon to discuss her wrinkly hands and the possibility of removing the Stretch Marks left on her breasts from her recent pregnancy. Dr Simon Ourian used a laser to successfully reduce the appearance of a scar on the stars toe, before moving the laser to her breasts, which were covered with Stretch Marks from breast feeding and following her pregnancy with baby North.Research shows that a course of four laser treatments is usually sufficient to visibly reduce and improve the appearance of Stretch Marks or Scars. A fractional laser, which is FDA approved, treats the area and will break down the existing streaks or scars to generate new and healthy tissue. This results in smoother skin which is more even in texture. Stretch Marks are not just an effect of pregnancy however. They can also occur as the result of weight loss. Has your pregnancy or dramatic weight loss left you with Stretch Marks? Send us a tweet with your Stretch Mark or Scar questions.