Kirsten Scott Thomas would ‘consider having cosmetic surgery’

29 July 2013

Red carpet visualKristin Scott Thomas has revealed she would consider cosmetic surgery as people ‘just donÂ’t noticeÂ’ women of a certain age. The 53-year-old actor fears she will just ‘disappearÂ’ now she has reached middle age – and would consider going under the knife because she feels like an ‘old ragbagÂ’ next to younger co-stars.“IÂ’m not talking about in a private setting, at a dinner party or anything. But when youÂ’re walking down the street, you get bumped into, people slam doors in your face – they just donÂ’t notice you,” she said. “Somehow, you just vanish. ItÂ’s a clichĂ©, but men grow in gravitas as they get older, while women just disappear.” Scott Thomas, best known for The English Patient, for which she was Oscar-nominated, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, was speaking during a visit to Cannes for the premiere of her most recent film, Only God Forgives.