20 February 2012

Women in New Zealand are increasingly looking to anti-ageing creams in a bid to maintain their youthful looks, according to a new study. Research carried out in the country found that nearly one fifth of women said that having wrinkles made them sad, and that nine out of ten women would choose to use a specialist face cream to ward off the signs of ageing.Wrinkles are perhaps unsurprisingly one of the main targets of New Zealand women when it comes to anti-ageing efforts more than half said they were the most obvious sign of growing old. Dr Garsing Wong, an expert in non-surgical cosmetic procedures based in Auckland, said simple, non-surgical treatments can help to keep skin looking healthy. He said: "Good clinically proven topical skincare products are an important and integral part of your healthy skin regime, which ultimately leads to better cosmetic results." However, despite the popularity of non-surgical solutions, almost two in five women in New Zealand say they would consider a cosmetic procedure if money wasn't a factor. The survey also found that more than one in three (42 per cent) women knew someone who'd had a cosmetic treatment.