'Knives Out'

07 May 2007

Male Cosmetic Surgery has gone from a taboo to just another consumer choice. Mens Fitness looks at the most popular procedures to find out what it involves. A quarter of all men in the UK would consider Cosmetic Surgery, according to a survey by YouGov.

Mens Fitness'Knives Out'

Male cosmetic surgery has gone from a taboo to just another consumer choice. Mens Fitness looks at the most popular procedures to find out what it involves. A quarter of all men in the UK would consider cosmetic surgery, according to a survey by YouGov. As recently as ten years ago, people who wanted to surgically enhance their looks would be more likely to be sent to a therapist than a consultant. But whether it's down to the popularity of reality TV programmes such as Extreme Makeover, celebrity endorsement (George Clooney's had work done, not to mention political leaders from Israel and South Korea) or just that we have more cash to splash around, the floodgates are well and truly open. Any social stigma has faded, and now men say looking younger to fare better in the workplace is one of the primary reasons for having cosmetic surgery. And it isn't just the wealthy that are opting to go under the knife, as Louise Braham, director of the Harley Medical Group says. ‘Cosmetic Surgery is a choice taken by a range of professions and social groups from a wide geographical spread.' Whether of not it's desirable or healthy to be obsessed with young and attractive, is another matter, but here's our take on the top five male cosmetic procedures carried out by the Harley Medical Group.RhinoplastyCost: £3,990What does it involve?The idea of a nose job is to make your nose fit your face better. The scars are usually all internal and therefore not visible.How long will it take to heal?You will stay in hospital for one night, then wear a splint over your nose for seven to ten days. Expect numbness, bruising and swelling, which may take several months to resolve, and avoid contact sports for three to six months.Is there an alternative?Short of asking one of your meatier mates to rearrange it for you, rhinoplasty is pretty much your only option if your nose is really, ahem, doing your head in.Cover-story to tell your colleagues:‘I hit the wrong brake on my bike and smashed my face on the handlebars.'LiposuctionCost: from £2,940What does it involve?The removal of excess fatty tissue. This is not a feasible treatment for obesity, because there are physiological limits to the quantity of fat that can be removed at any one time. The most common areas treated are the abdomen, ‘love handles', ‘man-tits' and double chin.How long will it take to heal?You're required to wear a support garment for up to six weeks. Expect heavy bruising and swelling to the areas treated and the results may take weeks to be apparent.Is there an alternative?Since liposuction works best on people who are close to their ideal weight, and just want to lose stubborn fat, the tailor-made workouts found in MF can help. If you lack motivation, consider a personal trainer.Cover-story to tell your colleagues:‘I was shot - that's why I'm wearing this blood-stained support garment.'Laser Hair RemovalCost: from £75 for one treatment. A course of six is normally recommended for permanent hair removal.What does it involve?A modified laser is passed over the area being treated and the hairs are destroyed. It's painful, but it reduces further growth and leaves the skin feeling smooth. The most common area that men have zapped is their back.Is there an alternative?Waxing is the best-known substitute but with that, you're signing up for a lifetime of monthly pain. The impracticalities of shaving your own back are self-evident.Cover-story to tell your colleagues:‘Um, a stag-party prank went wrong...Lucky they did my back and not my eyebrows, eh?Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal)Cost: from £2,730What does it involve?Loose skin, surplus fatty tissue and relaxed muscle in the eyelids are removed to tighten the skin and leave a more youthful appearance.How long will it take to heal?There will be pink scars along the eyelash and from the socket to the upper lid, but these will normally fade quickly to leave faint white lines. The stitches are removed five to seven days after the operation and dark glasses will help to hide the bruising and swelling during this recovery period. If worn indoors, they'll also make you look sufficiently unapproachable to keep botherers at bay.Is there an alternative?Prevention is best. To maintain your youthful appearance, make sure you get enough sleep, eat lots of fruit and veg, and wear sunglasses in the sun. Acupuncture is also thought to reduce the incidence of facial wrinkles.Cover story to tell your colleagues:‘I've been going to bed at 9pm...and getting plenty of action.'Otoplasty (ear reshaping)Cost: from £2,940 for both ears; From £2,420 for oneWhat does it involve?Removing skin and reshaping cartilage from behind the ears. The ears are then stitched into the new position with the incision marks cleverly concealed in the natural crease behind the ear. This procedure is most commonly performed under a local anaesthetic with sedation.How long will it take to heal?You will need to wear bandages around your ears for about seven to 14 days, at which time any stitches will be removed.Is there an alternative?Grow your hair long.Cover story to tell colleagues:Terrible ruffians in the scrum on Saturday
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